Ежегодно учащиеся нашей гимназии (с 3 по 11 классы) принимают активное участие в Игровом конкурсе по английскому языку 
"British Bulldog"  В России этот конкурс проводится под эгидой Института продуктивного обучения РАО и British Institutes.
Конкурсное задание состоит из 60 вопросов.

Ниже предлагаются задания из конкурсов прошлых лет. 

Задания 2007-2008 года (5-6 классы)

II. Read the text attentively and choose the right form from the variants below.

Frankie … (11) green and very tall. He has yellow eyes, black hair and a small nose. He also has enormous hands and … (12). He isn't pretty. In fact, he's very
ugly and people … (13) him a monster. They are afraid of him and always run away … (14) they see him. But Frankie isn't bad! He is an intelligent man and he loves
reading. He has … (15) of books in his little house.
He likes writing stories. He sells his stories … (16) make money. He also likes … (17) his computer and the Internet to write to people. They don't know that he is
ugly and they enjoy his letters. They sometimes ask him for his photograph, but Frankie never sends it.
Frankie enjoys gardening. There are a lot of vegetables, fruit trees and roses in … (18) big garden. He loves roses! He puts bread out in the garden for the birds so
there are a lot of birds too. They … (19) afraid of him!
Frankie never eats meat. He doesn't like it. He eats vegetables, fruit and bread. Because he doesn't like it when people run away from him, he orders all his
shopping by the Internet. The shop delivers his shopping to his house. In this way, people don't see him and he feels … (20). And when it is raining he doesn't have to go out of the house. He doesn't like the rain and he is afraid of thunder and lightning.

11) A. is B. are C. am
12) A. foot B. feet C. foots
13) A. calls B. write C. call
14) A. when B. how C. by
15) A. much B. lot C. a lot
16) A. by B. for C. to
17) A. gaming B. using C. eating
18) A. his B. him C. at
19) A. not be B. are not C. is not
20) A. happiest B. happier C. the happier

III. Complete the phrases using the information from the text.

21) Frankie has … .
A. black hair and big hands and feet
B. green eyes and a small nose
C. small hands and feet
22) People like writing to Frankie because … .
A. they don't know that he is ugly
B. they meet him in the supermarket
C. they like to eat meat too
23) Frankie is … .
A. a good person
B. an evil person
C. a beautiful person
24) He lives in … .
A. a big house without a garden
B. a small house with a big garden
C. a small garden
25) He … a lot of books.
A. reads
B. speaks
C. does
26) Frankie sends his photo to … .
A. his Internet friends
B. nobody

C. the shop
27) Birds … .
A. don't come into the garden
B. come into the garden
C. are afraid of Frankie
28) Frankie likes … .
A. gardening
B. eating meat
C. shopping in malls
29) Frankie goes to … .
A. the supermarket
B. the theatre
C. the garden to put the bread for the birds
30) Frankie is happy when … .
A. people don't see him
B. he doesn't see birds
C. he is in the supermarket

IV. Complete the dialogue on the ICQ according to the text above.

F is for Frankie, B is for Betty (Frankie's pen pal)
B: Hello, Frankie!
F: Hi, Betty!
B: Where are you from?
F: I … (31) England .
A. am from
B. born in
C. is from
B: How old are you?
F: I am … (32).
A. fifteen old
B. fifteen years old
C. fifth
B: Do you go to school?
F: No, I … (33).
A. am not
B. is not
C. do not
B: Have you got any pets?
F: Yes, I have … (34).
A. a birds
B. birds
C. birdes
B: What is your hobby?
F: I like … (35).
A. garden
B. gardening
C. people
B: Do you like to eat meat?
F: No, I don't, but I … (36) vegetables.
A. like
B. likes
C. loves
B: Do you write stories?
F: Yes, I do and I sell … (37).
A. they
B. them
C. him
B: What do you write about?
F: I write about different … (38).
A. animal
B. animals
C. animalz
B: Are they nice?
F: Yes, they … (39).
A. nice
B. is nice
C. are
B: I want to read them!
F: I can send them … (40).
A. by you
B. from you
C. to you

V. Choose the correct explanation for the words according to their meaning in the text.

41) enormous =
A. very big B. hungry C. stupid
42) ugly =
A. beautiful B. pretty C. not beautiful
43) afraid =
A. scared B. sad C. nice
44) intelligent =
A. stupid B. kind C. smart
45) garden =
A. house B. roof C. flower yard
46) shop =
A. flat B. house C. store
47) in this way =
A. so B. why C. there
48) bad =
A. not good B. good C. not pretty
49) rose =
A. bread B. shop C. flower
50) rain =
A. ice B. water C. fire

VI. Choose the correct answer.

51) Is your sister's … than yours?
A. hair more long
B. more long hair
C. hair longer

52) Tony looks nice, … ?
A. doesn't Tony
B. does he
C. doesn't he

53) There's only … milk. Can you buy some more at the shop, please?
A. a
B. a little
C. a few

54) Can you help me? I've got … in my eye.
A. anyone
B. something
C. anything

55) Can I have a … of cake, please?
A. bar
B. glass
C. piece

56) Tony … three languages.
A. is speaking
B. was speaking
C. speaks

57) Billy is … in old films.
A. interesting
B. interested
C. interest

58) Don't talk while you … .
A. ate
B. are eating
C. eats

59) Mary went home three hours … .
A. now
B. ago
C. then

60) I am going to Dublin … Christmas.
A. at
B. on
C. in

Задания 2008-2009 года (5-6 классы)

II. Complete the telephone conversation with the words below

Brian: Hello. Can I speak to Sue, please? This is Brian.

Jill: Oh, hello, Brian. This is Jill. … (11) on a moment and I'll call Sue. She's cooking in the … (12).

(A minute later)

Sue: Hello, Brian!

Brian: Hi, Sue. … (13). Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?

Sue: It depends. What's … (14)?

Brian: I can't … (15) the title, but it's a science fiction film and Tom Cruise is in it. I know you like him.

Sue: Yes, I do. OK, … (16). But I don't want to be late home. I'm working tomorrow and I have a lot to do. This is a very … (17) period in the office.

Brian: That's no problem. Why don't we … (18) at half past six? We can have a hamburger and then go to the cinema.

Sue: No, I don't want to eat … (19) food! Why don't you come here? I'll cook some spaghetti.

Brian: Great! I love your spaghetti Bolognese.

Sue: … (20) at half past six.

11. A ) Expect B) Hold C) Wait

12. A ) kitchen B) chicken C) cooker

13. A ) Hear B) Go C) Listen

14. A ) like B) on C) at

15. A ) learn B) remember C) understand

16. A ) go B) let's go C) we go

17. A ) bored B) occupied C) busy

18. A ) meet us B) meet C) see you

19. A ) junk B) quick C) hungry

20. A ) See you B) We see us C) I am seeing

III. Complete the phrases using the information from the text

21. Brian wants to speak to …

A) Jill

B) Sue

C) Sue's mother

22. Sue can't answer the call because she …

A) is not at home

B) is busy in the kitchen

C) is cleaning the kitchen

23. Brian invites her …

A) to the restaurant

B) to the cinema

C) to watch television

24. He wants to go to the cinema …

A) next Saturday

B) tomorrow

C) in the evening

25. Tom Cruise …

A) is at the cinema

B) wants to see the film

C) is starring in this film

26. She will go to the cinema if …

A) she comes home late

B) she comes home early

C) a good film is on

27. She has … in the office.

A) holidays

B) exams

C) lots of work

28. They will meet at …

A) 5:30

B) 6:30

C) 7:30

29. They will … before going to the cinema.

A) eat spaghetti

B) have a hamburger

C) eat nothing

30. Brian likes …

A) hamburger

B) spaghetti

C) pizza

IV. Choose the correct word in each of the following sentences

31. History is my favourite … , but today it wasn't interesting.

A) lesson

B) subject

C) class

32. My primary school only has 300 …

A) students

B) pupils

C) sportsmen

33. I didn't have time … beds this morning.

A) to do

B) to make

C) to clean

34. Is there anything … you'd like me to tell you?

A) else

B) more

C) much

35. When we were in Spain last year, we … at a marvelous hotel.

A) stayed

B) stopped

C) lived

36. Does your husband ever offer you to do … ?

A) dishing

B) the washing-up

C) dishes

37. I hate doing the … , especially cleaning the windows.

A) lessons

B) homework

C) housework

38. Do you know how … it is from London to Manchester ?

A) much

B) far

C) long

39. He is … his wife to drive.

A) learning

B) teaching

C) making

40. What time do you usually … ?

A) raise

B) rise

C) get up

V. Choose the correct answer

41. We haven't got … money.

A) many

B) little

C) much

42. The clown with the red nose is … than the other clown.

A) funniest

B) funnier

C) funny

43. John usually goes to school by bus but today he … there.

A) walks

B) walk

C) is walking

44. My car is old. I … to buy a new car next week.

A) am go

B) going

C) am going

45. I always … music when I study.

A) listen to

B) listen at

C) listen

46. Do you like … TV?

A) watch

B) to look

C) watching

47. … any DVDs ? Yes, he has.

A) Does he have

B) Has got

C) Has he got

48. Where … last Saturday? I went out with Cindy.

A) did you went

B) do you go

C) did you go

49. … I borrow your Pen? Certainly.

A) Do

B) Can

C) Does

50. Ben has bought another stamp. He really likes collecting them, … ?

A) doesn't he

B) isn't he

C) does he

VI. Look at the picture and choose the correct answer

51. There is a … in Mrs. Rossi's bathroom.

A) shower B) bath C) swimming pool

52. There is a white …

A) mouse B) dog C) cat

53. There is a … on the wall.

A) picture B) bookcase C) mirror

54. There is a green …

A) dress B) coat C) jacket

55. There isn't a …

A) plant B) dress C) radio

VII. Read these descriptions and then label the pictures with the correct names

Kate is fatter than Tracy.

Emily is thinner than Diana and taller.

Tracy is shorter than Diana, but taller than Kate.

Jenny is shorter than all the others.

Kate is taller than Jenny, but shorter than Tracy.

56. A ) Tracy B) Emily C) Jenny

57. A ) Emily B) Kate C) Jenny

58. A ) Tracy B) Diana C) Kate

59. A ) Jenny B) Diana C) Tracy

60. A ) Diana B) Emily C) Kate

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